Apple and Samsung working on 12-inch tablets

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2

Rumours that both Apple and Samsung are working on 12-inch tablets refuse to go away. Apple is reportedly working on a larger 12.9-inch iPad tablet while Samsung could be readying the Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet for an imminent launch.

According to Digitimes sources, Apple is developing its tablet with Quanta Computer (which is also reportedly working on the iWatch) while the Samsung project is using internal resources after Google passed to focus on smaller tablets.

While the launch of the larger tablets could spur growth in a new area of the overall tablet market, there are also concerns that sales could cannibalize those of notebooks, already under pressure as customers increasingly move to tablets and more powerful smartphones.

While Samsung could launch its 12.2-inch Galaxy Note tablet later this month in a bid to capitalize on the holiday market, Apple is not expected to launch its larger tablet until next year.

Our latest poll suggests that there may not be a huge demand for tablets with displays larger than 11-inches. Then again, no one was sure that there would be a demand for a smartphone with a large display when Samsung launched the first Galaxy Note.

Source : Digtimes