ASUS CES 2014 teaser hints at dual-booting tablet?

ASUS CES 2014 teaser

With just over 14 days to go before CES 2014, ASUS has released its first teaser for the event. Entitled “[ASUS CES 2014 Teaser I] Green or Blue? One or Two?” and tied to its “in search of incredible” tagline, it uses a familiar landmark to hint at what ASUS has in store for us at one of the biggest events of the year.

The 26 second video features the Statue of Liberty holding a laptop. While flashing the crowd the V sign for victory (or simply the number two), the laptop she’s holding in the other hand changes from blue to green. She then proceeds to reveal that it’s in fact a convertible tablet rather than a laptop. The tablet portion continues to shift from blue to green and back.

Engadget conjectures that ASUS is teasing a new generation of ASUS Transformer Book Trio. Unlike the first one, this new one would support both Android (depicted in green) and Windows (in blue) in both laptop and tablet modes. The current model only supports dual boot in laptop mode. It adds that the base would continue to function as a Windows machine, presumably with an external keyboard, while detached.

There are also hints that ASUS is readying an Android version of its Transformer Book T100 convertible laptop. Could this be it rather than a new Transformer Book Trio? The title’s hint of one or two seems to suggest that this new device converts into two rather than three as the Trio does.

Remember the recently spotted dual-OS ASUS M82T? Could it be the mysterious device being teased in this video?

ASUS will hold its CES 2014 keynote on Monday, January 6, at 1200 PT (1500 ET). It will also be livestreamed for those not making their way down to the event.

Sources : ASUS // Engadget