BBM for Android caught on video

BBM for AndroidBlackBerry plans to launch BBM for Android and iPhone by the end of the summer. A beta version of the Android version made its way to the BlackBerry Beta Zone last month and even then the app was described as “not bad.” Now a video has surfaced showing BBM in operation on an Android device. In fact, this is a second copy of the video as the original version went private shortly after being posted:

The app appears to run well even on lower-spec devices such as the HTC First. The video also shows that there will not be any major differences between the Android and BlackBerry 10 versions with both sharing the same layout with tabs on the bottom for things like Chats and Contacts.

BlackBerry has also updated its landing page for BBM for Android and iPhone. While you can sign up to “be the first to find out when BBM is available on Android and iPhone,” there is still no specific availability date.

Are you planning to install BBM on your Android device or iPhone when it comes out? Let us know below.

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