Belkin LEGO Builder Case for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch now available

Belkin LEGO Builder iPhone 5 case

Belkin yesterday announced availability of a case that combines two loves of your life: Your iPhone 5 or iPod touch and LEGO. The Belkin LEGO Builder Case is the first officially license case to be a certified LEGO brick and can be used as part of your creations.

“At LEGO we strive to build imagination into your everyday life, and the partnership with Belkin allows us to do that: offer a functional product that also serves as a stage for expression for anyone embracing a mobile lifestyle,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Chief Executive Officer of the LEGO Group.

On the back of the case is a true LEGO baseplate, a key element in many LEGO creations. Made by LEGO factories to LEGO standards, the backplate is integrated into a case that offers a semi-flexible outer frame for shock-absorption, button protection, and unobstructed access to audio ports and speakers. It also comes in the iconic LEGO colours.

The Belkin LEGO Builder Case for iPod Touch (fifth generation) sells for $29.99 while the one for the iPhone 5 sells for $39.99.

Belkin LEGO Builder iPod touch case

Just how cool is this case? Check out the video below for some inspiration:

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