Best Buy now taking Moto X pre-orders (Update: Future Shop too)

Best Buy Moto X pre-orders

Motorola yesterday unveiled its latest smartphone, the much anticipated Moto X. Rogers Wireless quickly followed up to say that it would be the exclusive Canadian carrier and that existing customers could pre-order through the Rogers Reservation System. Starting today, there is an alternative way to pre-order if you’re not a Rogers customers yet: Through Best Buy. Much as it has done in the past, the retailers is taking pre-orders  in-store with a CA$50 deposit.

When available later this month, the Moto X will cost CA$189.99 with a two-year contract. Outright pricing has not been announced yet.

Unfortunately, the Moto X will only be available in black or white at launch time. There is no word yet on when Motorola will open up its Motomaker customization to carriers other than AT&T.

Update (8/3/2013): Future Shop has also begun to take pre-orders for the Moto X. Like Best Buy, pre-orders are only possible in-store and require a CA$50 deposit.

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