A look at the Moto X Motomaker

Motorola motomakerOne of the most interesting features about the Moto X is that it comes with a number of customization options. The only internal specification you can choose is the amount of internal storage you want (either 16GB or 32GB), there are a number of external options that you can choose from. Motorola’s latest video walks you through Motomaker, the online tool that lets you customize those options:

As reported earlier, you can choose from at least 18 backplate colours arranged in cool, neutral and warm shades, 2 front plate colours (black and white), seven accent colours for the side power and volume buttons and lens ring, and optional engraving on the back. You can also add accessories such as cases and headphones. On the software side, you can add a power on greeting, a custom wallpaper and the ability to even set up your Google account during checkout.

Motorola finally promises to ship your fully customized Moto X within 4 days.

Unfortunately, Motomaker is currently only open to customers buying a Moto X through AT&T. Motorola should open the program up to other carriers (hopefully including Rogers in Canada) in the near future but no timeline has been provided so far as to when this will happen.

Source : YouTube