Concept images of the Android-powered Nokia Normandy

Nokia Normandy conceptFollowing yesterday’s report that the Nokia Normandy is an Android-powered smartphone designed for emerging markets, Jonas Daehnert got to work and put together a number of images of what this device could look like. Based on the original image leaked by @evleaks, he came up with a number of images that show it under various angles and in a number of different colours. No new details about the device itself are available but Daehnert pegs it as having a 4-inch display.

While Nokia is reportedly still moving “full steam ahead” on the Nokia Normandy, the Android smartphone is unlikely to find many supporters at Microsoft once the acquisition closes. But what if it was not part of the acquisition itself?

Here is an interesting theory. Could Nokia keep the Nokia Normandy under its own R&D wing and continue to work on it even after the acquisition closes? Part of the sale conditions are that Nokia cannot use its name on any smartphones until January 1, 2016. But nothing prevents it from getting back into the smartphone game at that point. Should it do so (and there is no sign it will at this point), it probably would not use Windows Phone. Likelier would be a forked or even stock version of Android.

Let’s not forget that Nokia also has a lot of talent available nearby. Many employees have left the company and some ended up launching Jolla which just released its first smartphone powered by Sailfish. Nokia could simply invite them back or buy out Jolla when the time is right and resume from where it left off before it embarked on its Windows Phone journey.

It’s a lot of speculation at this point but we’ll see what happens in 2016.

One more concept image for you. I love the fingerprint marks on the display!

Nokia Normandy concept

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