Concept Sunday: Day One Glass Watch

Day One Glass Watch concept

Not everyone makes typical New Year’s Eve resolutions like getting to the gym more often or eating better. Thomas Radenne, currently attending the Institut Supérieur de Design Rubika in France, has decided instead to come up with a collection of concept watches. His first creation is the aptly named Day One Glass Watch. The idea is simple: Radenne wanted a watch […]

Concept Sunday: Red Bull Can Phone

Red Bull Can Phone concept

What if Red Bull decided to get into the smartphone business? And what if it gave designers two days to come up with concepts for a device worthy of the brand’s name? Even wilder, what if it licensed Apple’s iOS as the operating system. The Red Bull Can Phone, a wearable smartphone, might be the outcome. As implausible as it all sounds, […]

Concept Sunday: Smart watch with analog watch movement

Smartwatch concept by Chesky Wong

The smartwatch market may still be relatively new but we’ve already seen manufacturers come up with a range of designs. At one extreme are smartwatches with digital displays. On the other side are “smarter watches” that retain a traditional analog display but hide an array of sensors and smartwatch-like functions behind it. Sitting between are devices incorporate a small digital display into a larger analog one. […]

Concept Sunday: Apple iPocket Watch

Apple iPocket Watch concept

Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple Watch model this fall, possibly alongside the new iPhone 7 smartphone. Most recent rumours suggest that it will come with upgraded hardware but only minor cosmetic updates. A complete redesign is not expected until 2017. But what if Apple had a “one more thing” moment in which it decided that the modern world […]

Concept Sunday: Swatch Smartwatch

Swatch Smartwatch concept

Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek earlier this year said that his company will continue to build out the smart capabilities of its Swatch brand. It already offers the beach volleyball-focused Swatch Touch Zero One and the pay-by-the-wrist Swatch Bellamy (pictured above) with more to come. The company has revealed few details but will continue to focus on devices geared at specific needs. As such, […]

Concept Sunday: Observer GMT traditional watch

Observer GMT concept

Ancient mariners used a number of different tools to navigate the oceans and seas before the advent of modern technologies such as computers, GPS and radar. The marine chronometer, used to determine time and longitude, was among those starting in the mid to late 18th century. Its use was greatly simplified by the establishment of Greenwich Mean Time, named after the city […]

Concept Sunday: Hermès Vendome smartwatch

Hermès Vendome smartwatch concept

Hermès currently offers a number of leather straps for the Apple Watch. But what if it decided to make its own smartwatch? France’s Edward Folberth has one potential answer, the Hermès Vendome smartwatch. The design features a very simple and elegant stainless steel case (the size is not specified). The bezel is adorned with wave-shaped accents at the 4 and 10 o’clock […]