Eric Schmidt: Smartphones can stop wars

Moto X in Eric Schmidt's handsThe century-old dilemma of how to stop wars and global conflict across the globe may have finally been solved. Speaking at the Paley Center on Friday, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that the solution may be as simple as dropping smartphones into the theatre of war. Schmidt was making the point that a number of technological revolutions, including the smartphone, could solve many of the world’s problems.

As an example, Schmidt suggested that the U.S. could have airdropped smartphones into Iraq and Afghanistan to change the political landscape that led to both conflicts.

The U.S. “could have airdropped a million [smartphones] into Afghanistan or Iraq as a thought experiment,” Schmidt said.

“Would that have altered the course America pursued 10 years ago? I think so. All of a sudden you have a very different political situation inside.”

Schmidt added that smartphones could also lead to significant political change in times of peace. As examples, he suggested that phones and the Internet could help bring about change in countries such as Iran and China by enabling oppressed and disenfranchised citizens to communicate and organize.

Even older technology could have radically altered past conflicts. Schmidt suggested that The Bay of Pigs debacle could have been avoided had the U.S. airdropped fax machines into Cuba.

Do you think that greater connectivity between people, especially in oppressed countries, could radically alter the political landscape and lead to greater world peace? Let us know below.

Source : Business Insider