Free photography eBook on Google Play

Free Photography Book Offer

If you are into photography, and would like to learn a few tricks from a professional photographer, then this offer is for you: Google Play is offering a free eBook on digital photography, Colby Brown’s 104-page book, Android Photography, for a limited time.

This not simply a beginner’s guide, but walks you through taking better looking pictures or subjects and then goes through editing tips via third party apps, all on your phone. Give it look, and if you feel it is not for you, you can simply delete the book. According the description online:

With Android Photography: Take Better Pictures with Your Android Phone by photographer Colby Brown, you’ll learn:

  • How to take a photo, including different grips for holding your phone
  • How to use all the controls and modes of the Android camera
  • Which third-party apps to use
  • Different photography styles and techniques for shooting portraits, travel, low-light, and wildlife
  • How to edit your photos with the stock Android app and third-party apps, including Snapseed
  • How to share your images
  • Some of the fun accessories available

Let us know in the comments what you think of the book and its recommendations.

Source : Google Play