Full HD (1080×1920) support coming to Windows Phone 8

So far, Windows Phone 8 has supported resolutions only as high as 720p HD (720×1280). But the next version is widely expected to kick that up to Full HD (1080×1920). More confirmation that it will has come now courtesy of the recently launched Visual Studio 2013 preview in which former Nokia and Microsoft engineer Justin Angel found references to the resolution.

Digging through Visual Studio, he found a number of emulator 1080p display support files that would allow developers to see how their apps look at different resolutions. Why offer such files if not to help them see what an app looks like at full HD?

1080p support in Windows Phone 8?

1080p support is expected to be one of the features added in Windows Phone 8 GDR 3 (General Distribution Release). The update is also expected to add support for quad-core Qualcomm chipsets.

The update will finally allow manufacturers to launch Windows Phone 8 1080p devices later this year and take on the Android flagship devices that have supported this resolution for nearly a year.

Will 1080p support convince you to get a Windows Phone 8 device? Let us know below.

Sources : ‏@JustinAngel // WPCentral