Motorola DROID Ultra shows up on Motorola website

Rumoured Motorola DROID Ultra webpage

While Motorola’s X Phone has gathered most of the limelight in recent weeks along with the DVX for emerging markets, Motorola appears to have accidentally confirmed another smartphone. A web page for the DROID Ultra (likely to be headed to Verizon with that name) has popped up on the company’s website. While the page appears to be no more than a placeholder with specifications that match those of the current DROID RAZR M rather than a new device, a promotion box may shed a bit of light on the upcoming device.

The box’s tag line “Think Thin” promises a thin device while the copy suggests that it will be available in a “bunch of glossy colors.” As we saw from Motorola in the past, it will also come with a “high-grade DuPont™ Kevlar body” that promises “you can be even thinner and still be tough as steel.”

Unfortunately, no photos of the DROID Ultra itself are available on the website.

Based on earlier rumours (supported by the now-identified and reliable @evleaks), Motorola and Verizon are expected to launch a new series of DROID smartphones. Joining the DROID Ultra would be the DROID Mini and the DROID MAXX.

Sources : Motorola // DroidLife