Geeksphone teases upcoming dual-OS Geeksphone Revolution smartphone

Geeksphone Revolution teaser

Mozilla may have no plans to bring its Firefox OS to North America at this time but it continues to become available across more countries. Just today, it became available in Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary and Greece, giving it a reach of 13 countries. Meanwhile, its original smartphone partner is hinting at a new Firefox OS smartphone called the Revolution. Geeksphone, the Spanish manufacturer which developed the first Firefox OS smartphones, yesterday launched a teaser campaign for it, promising that “The revolution is coming.”

While a more powerful processor (and perhaps other upgraded specifications) are hinted at, it may be its ability to run both Android and Firefox that may distinguish it from other devices. Running both may not be as simple as pressing a button or dual-boot option though. Geeksphone suggests that the option will be for “advanced users.” “The device can be ordered with Android operating system or Mozilla but also for advanced users can be installed a ROM on the Android to use Mozilla,” a spokeswoman told Gigaom.

In a statement, Geeksphone co-founder Javier Agüera said,

“We are very excited about this new device. Once again we will revolutionize the world of mobile network. We are also confident that we will surprise everyone by its very high performance and it’s very competitively priced.”

It has not been all smooth sailing for Geeksphone since the announcement of the Peak and Peak+ earlier this year. It recently cancelled the Peak+ device, over ongoing delays triggered by supply chain issues. Those who pre-ordered the Peak+ can opt for a refund, select the Peak instead along with a €20 refund or simply switch their order to the Revolution for the same price. Given that Geeksphone expects to sell the Revolution for about €300, this is quite a discount.

Aside from the operating system options and approximate price, we know very little about the Geeksphone Revolution at this point. It is not even clear when it will launch.

Sources : Geeksphone // Gigaom