Where to get the ASUS Transformer Book T100 in Canada

ASUS Transformer Book T100

ASUS announced at the beginning of the month that the ASUS Transformer Book T100 would launch in Canada on October 18. We’ve seen a lot of interest for this Windows 8.1 convertible tablet from our readers and reached out several times to ASUS in an attempt to get information on where it would be available. Sadly, we never got a response from ASUS.

Also strange was that the ASUS T100TA, better known as the Transformer Book T100, appeared on the ASUS Canada website ahead of the launch but disappeared from it yesterday, the day it was to launch. It proved equally elusive with Canadian online retailers through the day and remains so to this point.

If you’re still chasing the ASUS Transformer Book T100, we have but one recommendation for you: Canada Computers. They list the 32GB ASUS T100TA-DH11T-CA on their website for CA$399. But there’s a catch: They have it as a special order with no current stock. They do indicate that they “will ship within 5-10 business days, but sometimes it might take longer.” You’re best to check with them before placing your order.

Here’s hoping that we’ll see it pop up at more retailers early next week. If or when it does, we’ll update this post.

Update (10/20/2013): The ASUS Canada website suggests the Transformer Book T100 will be carried by Best Buy, Future Shop and Staples. None of them show it as we updated this post.

Update (10/24/2013): NCIX currently shows it in stock: http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=91384&vpn=T100TA-DH11T-CA&manufacture=ASUS

Update (10/27/2013): Amazon Canada (affiliate) is now showing as in stock as well. Apologies, that’s Amazon.com.

Update (10/29/2013): Both Best Buy and Future Shop have the 32GB model available for pre-order for CA$399.99 with an estimated shipment date of November 15. Thanks, Chris!

Update (11/8/2013): You can add Staples to the list as well. Again, huge thanks for Chris!

Sources : Canada Computer // ASUS Canada


  1. Three odd numbers associated with Canada Computers’ listing:

    32GB HDD
    Our Price $399.00

    I thought the T100 has 2GB RAM not 4GB. The Asus-announced price of (US?)$399 was for the 64GB SSD version. Of course, Asus’s Canadian web site doesn’t list a (CA$) price.

    1. Alan,

      Likely those are typos. You are correct – T100 will have 2GB of RAM and no HD (on this model at least). Canadian price will be higher than in the US. CA$399 for the 32GB model here…

      1. Jerome:

        I hope that your numbers do not prove to be the case. This would mean an almost 15% markup over the US price in a climate where the dollar is trading at more like a 3% premium. That sounds a little like price gouging to me.


  2. Hey Sean,

    I don’t think anything so nefarious is at play here. I think ASUS is simply running a bit behind schedule. I’ve seen ETAs that go to the end of the month.

    Might be close but you will hopefully have it for your trip!

  3. Think Microsoft is restricting these with the release of Surface today? I really want this instead for a trip in 2 weeks but if it doesn’t appear then Android will be my only choice. Not going to be 450 for a RT Windows tablet.

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