Google Gem smartwatch to use Google Now functionality

Google smartwatch concept by T3

Additional information has emerged about Google’s take on the smartwatch. Codenamed Gem, 9to5Google has learned that it is nearly finished and could be announced by the end of the month. It would likely be launched as a Nexus device, perhaps alongside the oft-rumoured Google Nexus 5.

At the heart of the Google Gem will reportedly be Google Now functionality. In fact, much of what we have seen Google Glass do could make its way to a smartwatch. Google Now already acts as a personal assistant in many ways, displaying relevant information based on interests as well as your messages and appointments. It could respond to a spoken command such as “Ok Google Now” or to the press of a button.

The concept device, created by Adrian Maciburko, below gives us a sense of how it might work:Google smartwatch concept using Google Now

Hardware details are few but Google is focusing on battery life and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the latter suggesting that it will need to pair with a smartphone for at least some of its functionality.

We’re not quite halfway through the day so we may yet see a Google Nexus 5 announcement today as rumours suggested but that appears increasingly unlikely. We may have to fall back to earlier rumours that suggested an announcement at the end of the month instead.

Google quietly acquired Android smartwatch maker WIMM Labs last year. Rumours first surfaced this summer that it was working on its own smartwatch.

Source : 9to5Google