Google Play now in second place for mobile gamer spending

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Gaming consoles are in the fight of their lives. Not only have smartphones and tablets become popular with casual gamers and those simply looking for a quick game while waiting for the bus but they are now powerful enough to play more advanced and graphic-intensive games. Apple’s iOS App Store already accounted for the largest slice of consumer spending on mobile games. In Q2 2013, Google’s Play Store moved into second place, pushing gaming-optimized handhelds, including the the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Vita, down into third place.

According to the Q2 Portable Gaming Spotlight from App Annie and IDC, Apple and Google’s app stores now account for four times as much consumer spending on games as gaming-optimized handhelds. Equally worrisome for Sony and Nintendo, spending on their platforms actually dropped between Q1 and Q2 2013.

Spending on mobile games in Q2 2013

Source: App Annie & IDC, 2013

As AllThingsD points out, the comparison comes down to a matter of volume versus premium pricing. While the number of smartphones and tablets eclipses the number of handheld consoles, games for the latter are significantly more expensive and generate a much higher average revenue per user.

Most of Google Play’s game revenue continued to come from the Asia-Pacific region with Japan and South Korea being the most significant contributors.

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Sources : App Annie // AllThingsD