Codenames for upcoming Nokia devices leaked

NokiaA list of leaked Nokia device codenames suggests that the Finnish manufacturer has a full slate of devices in the development pipeline. The tweet from the usually reliable @evleaks identifies the following devices: Bandit, Lanai, Orion, Pegasus, Rivendell, Shorty and Siruis.

There are no details to go with the codename list but the Bandit has already been the topic of a rumour suggesting it is a 6-inch Windows Phone 8 phablet. Rivendell  (none other than the already spotted codename Rivendale?) could be Nokia’s rumoured Windows 8 tablet but the others are new. Some may well be Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones but they could be new Asha devices just as well.

Nokia recently launched the Lumia 625 with its largest display to date and the Lumia 1020 with a 41MP PureView camera sensor.

For now, we’ll file these away and see if they resurface in the future along with additional details.