Google rolls out Moto X camera update via Google Play

Motorola Camera app on Google PlayContinuing a growing trend, Google and Motorola have taken to Google Play to roll out the latest Moto X camera update. While an earlier one was rolled out over-the-air, this latest one will join a growing number of apps that no longer require carrier involvement to be updated.

Here is what you’ll find in version 3.1.5:

  • Brightened camera viewfinder so it’s easier to see
  • Enabled Quick Capture for more Enterprise users IT policies
  • Bug fixes

As Google has been doing with a growing number of apps, Motorola (itself owned by Google) is now moving in a similar direction. There are at least two benefits to this approach: Updates no longer require a full-on system update and the involvement of carriers which often need time to certify them before rolling them out, assuming that they even decide to roll them out. For example, Verizon has yet to deploy the camera update to its Moto X users.

Needless to say, it’s only compatible with the Moto X!

Sources : Google Play // Droid Life