“Help us save Mobilicity!” crowdfunding campaign looking to raise CA$400 million


Mobilicity, one of Canada’s younger carriers, has been struggling of late and is looking for a buyer to take it over. It announced earlier this month that it was holding talks with “multiple parties in connection with an acquisition plan of arrangement.” Among those parties is U.S.-based Verizon Wireless which also reportedly made a US$700 million offer to WIND Mobile, another beleaguered carrier. A new player has now entered the fray, looking to save Mobilicity through crowdfunding with Indiegogo.

Launched about two weeks ago by Michael Valya, the campaign aims to raise CA$400 million to save the struggling carrier.

Mobilicity is worth the amount of money we are investing into this project. It’s extremely important to have compition [sic] in the market place becuase [sic], it lowers prices and add’s [sic] more well paying jobs and can in the future help shape the way wireless carrier’s [sic] treat their cusomers.

After we have reached our goal we will purchese [sic] Mobilicity and will strive to turn this great company into something great.

Valya explains that CA$350 million will be used to purchase the company. Another CA$20 million will be used to pay off the company’s debt. The remaining CA$30 million will be used to add cell towers and a call center.

As we write this, the crowdfunded campaign is not going well and has yet to raise any money.

What do you think: Joke, hoax or someone really hoping to save Mobilicity? Let us know below.

Update (7/30/2013): Indiegogo has cancelled the project and removed the relevant pages completely. At last check, the project had raised CA$333 dollars and had about a month to run still.

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