CoWatch is an Amazon Alexa integrated smartwatch

iMCO CoWatch

Google and Apple are not the only companies offering a digital personal assistant that can provide a range of functions and services by responding to a user’s voice. Amazon offers a similar assistant on devices like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap. Alexa could soon be coming to your wrist thanks to an Indiegogo campaign for the CoWatch. With a design philosophy […]

Ottm wooden bands for smartwatches

Ottm wooden smartwatch band

Bands for watches and smartwatches typically come in a limited number of materials: Leather, metal or plastic, rubber and silicone. Ottm is looking to change that by offering wooden watchbands for a range of smartwatches. Thanks to the grain patterns of wood, each Ottm watchband promises to be unique to your Apple Watch, Android Wear smartwatch or Pebble Watch. Featuring a link bracelet design inspired […]

Portable Dodocase SmartVR viewer kicks off Indiegogo campaign

Dodocase SmartVR

Shortly after Google first unveiled its Cardboard virtual reality viewer at Google I/O 2014, Dodocase came out with its own Cardboard-compatible viewer. Since then improved with bigger lenses and an Access Port for touch screen interaction, it remains a strong seller for the company that also makes cases for smartphones and tablets. Dodocase has now taken to Indiegogo to fund its next VR viewer, the […]

Sunu Band uses ultrasonic technology to guide the visually impaired

Sunu Band and Tag

A growing number of wearables are looking to improve the lives of those dealing with a range of medical conditions and physical limitations. We have already featured a number of such devices, ranging from devices like the Braille Smart Gear and Dot Braille smartwatch to epileptic seizure-detecting smartwatches and wearables like the now-funded BuzzClip wearable that can assist the visually impaired in navigating their way around the obstacles that can limit their […]

New Draxas brand launches four watches via crowdfunding

Draxas DXS1503P

Traditional watch sales appear to be facing some challenging times if recent numbers out of Switzerland are an indication of the state of the overall industry. At the same time, new watch brands continue to regularly pop up on the horizon. Many now turn to crowdfunding to launch their collections. The latest to do so is Draxas, the latest brand from Griffin Emblem. The […]

Concept Sunday: BuzzClip wearable helps visually impaired avoid obstacles

iMerciv BuzzClip

iMerciv Inc., a Canadian startup, earlier this month launched an Indiegogo campaign for the BuzzClip, a small wearable designed to help blind or visually impaired people avoid obstacles in their path. The US$50,000 they are looking to raise will allow them to finish off development and get a first production run going. Everything from construction signs, barriers, promotional signboards and overhanging tree branches can […]

Will the Pick Up Girls Smartwatch help you meet more ladies?

Dating skills smartwatch

A new smartwatch has popped up on Indiegogo that promises to do something that no other smartwatch offers. The Pick Up Girls SmartWatch promises to help you “meet more girls and have more sex.” And how will the Dating Skills Smartwatch do this, you ask.By programming your brain and making you more confident, more comfortable speaking with girls and releasing your […]

Element1 smartwatch may never need to be charged

Number One Element1

One of the biggest frustrations with many of the current smartwatches is the need to recharge them on a daily basis. In contrast, many traditional watches use an automatic movement that relies on arm movements to keep the watch running without the need for a battery. Number One Inc., a Florida-based company, is now looking to bring a similar technology to smartwatches. Should […]