HTC Canada offers CA$100 trade-in deal to HTC One buyers

HTC Canada today announced that it will offer a CA$100 early trade-in deal for customers interested in purchasing the new HTC One. The offer is similar to the one that was announced in the U.S. when the HTC One was announced earlier this month. In fact, it could be worth even more depending on the device you are trading in.

The process to apply for the trade-in is pretty straightforward. Sign up on the HTC One Trade-In page by providing your email address and your carrier. Once you’ve purchased your HTC One, you’ll have to return your old phone along with your HTC One proof of purchase. Within 60 days, you should receive a prepaid Visa card for the value of the trade-in or CA$100 – whichever is greater.

The terms and conditions stipulate that the HTC One must be purchased by March 31st, confirming that it will launch before the end of the month. It also means that you’ll have to move quickly to take advantage of the offer.

It’s time to dig through the old drawer to see what old phones you still have that you could use to get yourself a sweet deal on the HTC One.

Source : HTC Canada