HTC One Max compared to HTC One and HTC One Mini

Rumoured HTC One Max size comparisonIt’s almost certain that HTC will soon unveil the HTC One Max, a smaller sibling to the HTC One. It’s already been the topic of numerous rumours and even “non-final artwork” press renders. It was even compared to the Motorola MOTO XT882 but a new image courtesy of Hong Kong online retailer ePrice gives us a better sense of its size by comparing it to the HTC One and HTC One Mini. It promises to be quite a large device, possibly even larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note III which will “only” have a 5.7-inch display.

The image also reveals two interesting new details: First, below the camera is a black square that did not feature on the press render. One possibility is that it could be a fingerprint reader. That’s what ePrice believes. It would likely allow the user to bypass any lock screen.

Also of note are three dots or characters on the right side of the device near the bottom of the device. Could they be some kind of prototype markings or is there more to these? Or could they be for some kind of charger accessory?

HTC has yet to give any sign as to when it could announce the HTC One Max. One theory is that it could do so at IFA 2013 in early September where both Samsung and Sony have already announced events of their own.

Sources : ePrice // Android Headlines