Humour: What if Siri could drive a car? Introducing Steeri

Apple Steeri

Google has garnered a lot of media attention with its self-driving cars in recent months. A comedy video put together by Smart Department (better known as John Dabrowski and Mark Odlum) now looks at how Apple might go about doing something similar.

Shot in much the same way that Apple does many of its own videos, it shows off a new iPhone app called Steeri. Apple’s approach involves “going one step further” by allowing anyone to download Steeri onto their iPhone “to control any car you can get into.” Steeri essentially then takes over all the driving controls and “something magical happens.” All you need to do is give Steeri simple voice commands. “Never before has the driver had quite so much control.”

Needless to say, it would not be a funny video if everything worked correctly. As the video demonstrates, Apple still needs to iron out a few bugs in Steeri.

All humour aside, self-driving car technology is moving by leaps and bounds. Is it so farfetched that our smartphone, which already does so much for us, will one day also allow us to control our cars? Probably not.