Samsung SM-W750V to be new Windows Phone 8 device?

Samsung SM-W750V shipment notice

India’s Zauba shipment tracking database continues to be a treasure trove of information about devices that Samsung is currently developing. Following shipment notifications that revealed the SM-G900F (the premium version of the Galaxy S5?) and SM-N7005 (the Galaxy Note 3 Lite?), a new one reveals the SM-W750V. Details are sparse but sufficient to suggest that Samsung looks set to release a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone in 2014.

One of the shipping entries reveals that the SM-W750V will come with a 5-inch display with an unspecified resolution and sport a single SIM slot. While the operating system is not listed, Japan’s Blog of Mobile indicates that it will be a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. The listed price of INR33,245 converts to about CA$575, suggesting a higher-end device. With GDR3, Windows Phone 8 now supports multi-core processors as well as Full HD (1080×1920) displays. The SM-W750V could well be a smartphone meant to take on Nokia’s flagship ones.

Blog Of Mobile adds that the V designation could be a sign that the SM-W750 is headed to Verizon Wireless likely as a new ATIV smartphone.

Windows Phone has not been a priority for Samsung in the past. It has only launched three devices based on Windows Phone 8 since late 2012 when the operating system was unveiled. Whether the SM-W750V marks a new focus or will be another token device lost among a myriad of Android ones remains to be seen.

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