Images of Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch prototype leaked

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy GearThere have been quite a few leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Gear over the past few weeks but one thing we have not seen is any actual images. Until today that is when VentureBeat landed the first pictures. In fact, this is not the final product but a prototype that was shared with developers and a few partners. While prototypes don’t always end up looking like the final product, the source added that the final design “won’t be far off.” The pictures are not even of the actual device itself but come instead from an internal promotional marketing video.

Described as “quite large” with large bezels that give it a “chunky, rectangular shape, with rounded corners” because of the larger 3-inch OLED touchscreen display. It also has a “clunky and masculine” wristband with a 4MP camera and embedded speakers in the clasp. The prototype comes in dark black and gray but the final version may be available in different colours.

The image below gives you a sense of where buttons and the camera are located:

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Gear

Other features include Samsung S Voice for voice commands, preloaded Android apps for social media and health monitoring and call logs that let you initiate calls directly from the watch. It also promises over 10 hours of battery life.

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Gear

As for connectivity, it will come with Bluetooth to connect with Galaxy S devices as well as Wi-Fi for Internet access even when not paired to another device.

With an emphasis on the health and fitness market and its clunky appearance, the Samsung Galaxy Gear may not be the piece of wearable technology that displaces your wristwatch. But it will serve as a strong signal to Samsung’s competitors that it will be a serious competitor in this market. It could also a salvo against competitors such as the Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Flex that are not smartwatches. Then again, this may be more than an early foray and Samsung may surprise us with a much sleeker product given that these images are of a prototype.

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy Gear in a few days at its Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event on September 4th.

Source : VentureBeat