Kobo to go “Beyond the book” on August 27th

Kobo August 27, 2013 press invitationKobo today tweeted that it will go “Beyond the book” on August 27th. There is not much else to go on but it turns out that Kobo will host a press event on that day in New York City. While it’s entirely possible that Kobo will refresh its ereader lineup, there are a few clues that we can expect more from the announcement.

Kobo August 27, 2013 teaser

The use of colour in both the tweet’s teaser image and the invitation suggests something more than a device sporting a grayscale display. An update to the Kobo Arc tablet perhaps? Or could Kobo be the first to deliver on the promise of colour e-ink? The tag line “Beyond the book” also suggests more than an ereader. Perhaps Kobo is about to expand its online catalogue beyond books to include music and perhaps even apps?

While Kobo may not have as much to worry about from the Barnes & Noble Nook, industry heavyweight Amazon is widely expected to refresh its Kindle Fire tablet lineup in the near future.

We’ll bring you all the details of Kobo’s announcement on Tuesday, August 27th.

Sources : @Kobo // TechnoBuffalo