Leaked Google Nexus 5 press render with TELUS branding

Rumoured TELUS Google Nexus 5 press render
Another round of alleged Google Nexus 5 images have surfaced. While they add little information about the device itself, they reveal a few new interesting details.

First up, we get a clear look at what the new Google Experience launcher will look like. The notification and navigation areas are now transparent and many of the icons have been updated. For example, we see new camera and dialer icons. Hangouts appears to have displaced Messaging, perhaps a sign that messaging will be rolled up into the Hangout app as some rumours have suggested.

Rumoured TELUS Google Nexus 5 press render

Perhaps more interesting is that two images show the TELUS logo on the splash screen. While it appears unlikely that Nexus devices will bear carrier branding, it cannot be ruled out entirely. It is more likely that these press renders are to be used by TELUS in announcements and presentations but will not appear on the device itself.

There is still no word on when Google will announce the Nexus 5 but rumours yesterday pointed to October 28. The latest pricing rumours suggest a starting price of US$399 for the 16GB model and US$449 for the 32GB model.


Source : MobileSyrup