Leaked pictures reveal Nokia smartwatch?

Rumoured Nokia smartwatchA number of hardware manufacturers have already launched smartwatches or are planning to do so in the near future. Among the smartwatches already released are the Sony SmartWatch 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Other players looking to get into this market include Apple, Google, Microsoft and Motorola. You can now add Nokia to that growing list.

Two leaked pictures of the alleged Nokia smartwatch have now emerged. One appears to show the top of the watch where the bracelet would attach to the watch itself. The second shows the side of the watch, again without a bracelet. The Nokia logo is visible on both pictures.

Rumoured Nokia smartwatch

There is little information to go with the images. The watch appears to be made of the same polycarbonate as Nokia’s Lumia smartphones, suggesting that it might come in a variety of colours should it ever hit the market.

It remains to be seen what fate will befall Nokia’s smartwatch now that Microsoft is acquiring its Devices & Services division for US$7.2 billion. One likely scenario is that Nokia’s work so far will be rolled up into its own project.

Nokia is hosting Nokia World 2013 on October 22. It is expected to unveil a number of new devices at the event including the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet and Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. While extremely unlikely, perhaps Nokia’s smartwatch is is promised “pretty special” accessory.

Sources : C Technology // BGR