LG: No plans for Google Play Edition LG G2 for now


LG two days ago unveiled its LG G2 flagship smartphone after a campaign of teasers and leaks that pretty much revealed everything that there was to know about the device. With the unveiling behind us, the question has turned to whether LG will offer a Google Play Edition of the G2. Both Samsung and HTC offer such devices with the Galaxy S4 and HTC One respectively and other manufacturers, including Sony with its Xperia Z and Huawei with its Ascend P6, have also expressed interest in the program.

Asked this very question by AndroidCommunity, LG’s Ken Hong responded with the following:

“As of right now, LG doesn’t have any plans for a Google Play Edition. The focus for the G2 is penetration through carriers. That however could change down the road.”

Rumours have persistently suggested that LG would use the LG G2 as the basis for the next Nexus smartphone much as it did last year with the Nexus 4 and Optimus G. But a rumour yesterday suggested instead that Motorola would manufacture the next Nexus device. If so, LG could opt to release a Google Play Edition of the LG G2, something that yesterday’s comments did not rule out.

Let us know below if you would like to see a Google Play Edition LG G2.

Source : AndroidCommunity