LG Optimus G Pro going to Verizon?

Optimus G Pro

For the past few weeks the LG Optimus G Pro has been an AT&T exclusive, however, it seems now that it may be headed to Verizon if the newly discovered Bluetooth filing is any indication. The Optimus G Pro has a generous 5.5-inch screen, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but bests the Note’s 720p screen resolution by raising the bar to 1080p. The Optimus G Pro does not contain an S-Pen or software bundle as such, but for someone that simply wants a larger screen, the Optimus G Pro is an excellent choice.

Blog of Mobile found a GCF certification for a device numbered LG-VS980, which they believe is intended for Verizon, as the LG Intuition was designated on Verizon as LG-VS950. The Intuition was LG’s answer to the Note 2, however, it was no match for the more refined Note series and was soon forgotten.

All of this is conjecture at this point, but the GFC certification took place yesterday, so we may see an announcement soon. Is the LG Optimus G Pro a device you would like to see Big Red add to their line-up?

Source : Gotta Be Mobile