Huawei Ascend Mate headed to Vodafone in UK

Ascend Mate

It has been over six months since we were teased with this 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate phone. Now it is finally making its way to the UK and a major carrier, Vodafone is picking it up.

Vodafone’s blog emphasizes the 6.1-inch screen, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, but really talks about the 4050 mAh battery life, as James Powel, UK Product Director at Huawei says:

Battery life is hugely important,” James says, frankly. “Miniaturization and power optimization of batteries are two really significant areas of Huawei’s engineering. You need products that are really power efficient, have big batteries and that will really last and last.”

It’s clearly a key priority for Huawei, a company who’s making great strides to improve on existing battery technology already. “There are beautifully designed products out there that are paper weights by tea time,” says James. “You need your devices, especially if they’re built for work and entertainment, to go and go. From our perspective, there are very few parts of a phone that are more important than the battery.”

No pricing or other details revealed, other than it will be arriving “soon” to Vodafone.

Source : Vodafone