LG and Samsung to begin flexible display mass production in October

Samsung flexible displayBoth LG Display and Samsung Display are set to begin mass production of flexible displays this month. According to The Korean Times, LG will be able to produce 35,000 displays a month while Samsung could see production hit 1.5 million displays a month at their Korean plants.

The report does not specify exactly what sizes the displays will be but Samsung’s are reportedly in the range of 5- to 6-inches. Samsung is using a 5.5 generation assembly line that can produce substrates as large as 1300 by 1500 millimeters while LG is using a 4.5G line capable or producing substrates measuring 730 by 920 millimeters. These are then cut into smaller panels for use in devices.

Both companies are expected to unveil their first smartphones with flexible displays later this month as they rush to be the first to hit this milestone. Neither device is expected to be truly flexible but the new plastic-based displays will allow them to offer devices with greater curvature.

Samsung is expected to unveil a limited edition variant of the Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible display while LG’s plans are not quite as clear yet.

The report suggests that it will be a few more years before we see truly flexible displays that can be rolled up or take on different shapes.

Market research firm IHS expects that the global flexible display market will jump from US$21.9 million this year to US$11.7 billion by 2020.

Source : The Korea Herald