Lizzy the chicken helps LG explain optical image stabilization

Galluscam LG G2 OIS adIn a lighthearted ad, LG has recruited Lizzy the chicken to help explain the benefits of optical image stabilization (OIS) for smartphone cameras like that of the LG G2. Chickens have the ability to keep their heads still when their body moves. When the same principle is extended to smartphone cameras, the benefit is the elimination of much of the shaking to create a much steadier shot.

The video below, with Lizzy in the lead role, will give you a good idea of what OIS can accomplish:

OIS is expected to become a standard feature across flagship smartphones in the near future. If rumours that the LG G2 is the basis for the Google Nexus 5 (to be announced on October 14? along with Android 4.4 KitKat), it could well be included on that device as well. Samsung is also expected to roll out OIS across its flagship Galaxy devices next year starting with a 16MP camera with OIS on the Galaxy S5.

As for that original video showing how chickens can keep their heads still, we include it here as well for your enjoyment:

Will OIS be a must-have feature on your next smartphone? Let us know below.

Source : YouTube