Moto X appears in Rogers Wireless promotional video

Rumoured Motorola Moto XThe upcoming Moto X from the “new Motorola” is the star of a leaked Rogers TechTalk promotional video obtained by via a Hungarian Google+ user. Called “Rogers Wireless Moto X tech demo,” it shows off a number of new features we can expect from the much-anticipated device.

Similarly to Apple’s Siri and Google’s own Glass, the Moto X will respond to voice commands, in this case initiated with “Ok Google Now.” It will support commands to set alarms, get directions, and more. Active Updates, effectively an enhanced notification system, will deliver personalized updates on the screen. It will also include a fast-starting camera activated not by a screen gesture or button but simply by twisting your wrist twice. Camera features have also been enhanced. For example, there is a new burst mode that works by simply keeping your finger on the screen.

One feature not covered by the video is the rumoured customizability options of the Moto X. As we suggested before, it may well be that Rogers will only offer a limited number of variants. A statement that it will only be available in either black or white appears to support this.

The video also appears to confirm that the Moto X will indeed be a Rogers exclusive in Canada.

The video indicates that Rogers will launch the Moto X “this August.” There is no information on pricing yet.

Source : AusDroid