Moto X July 11 event denied by Motorola

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Moto X rumors are swirling around the internet, and after Motorola released the teaser page, we were all but sure that it would be revealed at a press event on July 11.  Motorola has confirmed the phone was factual, that it was customizable, that it would arrive this “summer,” and has now confirmed the Moto X will not be revealed at the July 11 meeting.

Android Community reached out to Google and Motorola and found out that Guy Kawasaki, a former Apple turned Motorola evangelist, is having a private gathering and that no products will be revealed.  That puts the July 11 rumor to rest so we can now focus on others!

There have been many leaks about the Moto X the past two weeks, however, we still do not know all of its details.  This is an important phone for the new Google owned Motorola…Motorola makes good phones, but most of them are excusive to Verizon and its Droid series.  We imagine when its “summer” release is nearing that Motorola will be making some pretty loud noise to get our attention, and so far they are fairly silent.

Let us know if you will be purchasing the Moto X upon its release, or are you eyeing up the new LG G2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Source : Android Community