Motorola Moto X to come with Clear Pixel camera?

Rumoured Motorola X PhoneMore information continues to emerge about the upcoming Moto X from Motorola. According to AndroidandMe‘s Taylor Wimberly, it will also come with a “Clear Pixel Camera with gesture controls.”

It sounds great but it’s not immediately clear what a Clear Pixel camera is. One theory suggests that the new camera could make use of Kodak’s clear pixel technology. Introduced back in 2007, Kodak added a panchromatic or “clear” pixel to a sensor’s existing RGB pixels. The panchromatic pixels collect a higher proportion of light as they are sensitive to all wavelengths of visible light. With new software algorithms, Kodak was able to deliver faster shutter speeds, smaller pixels and faster speeds, thereby improving overall performance.

Then again, it could be a completely new technology, perhaps similar to HTC’s own UltraPixel one.

Whatever it is, Wimberly suggests that “dark, blurry pics and lack of details will be things of the past…”

Past rumours have suggested that the Moto X would come with a 10MP camera.

Motorola began teasing the Moto X and its customization options last week. It hopefully suggests that the company is getting ready to make an announcement in the near future.

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