Motorola DVX to come with choice of four backplates

Rumoured Motorola DVX backplates

The Motorola DVX is once again the topic of rumours. Intended as a cheaper alternative to the Moto X for emerging and pre-paid markets, it appears that it will inherit at least one characteristic from the Moto X. It will also be customizable although options will be far more limited than they are for its sibling.

According to a new leaked image posted on Chinese social network Weibo, the Motorola DVX will come with interchangeable backplates. The image shows that four colours could be available: Black, white, pink and green. While such plates are nothing new, they should allow Motorola to continue to highlight customizability as one of the key characteristics of its smartphones.

Another recent rumour suggested that the Motorola DVX could be headed to Republic Wireless, a prepaid U.S. carrier perhaps as early as next month. The carrier has already announced plans to offer the Moto X for US$299 outright starting in November and the DVX could well join it at an even lower price, perhaps as low as US$199 outright.

As for specifications, they remain elusive at this point.

If Motorola wants to catch the holiday shopping season with the DVX, an announcement should not be too far off.

Sources : Weibo // PhoneArena