Motorola DVX headed to emerging markets?

MotorolaWhile most of the attention has been on the Motorola X Phone, the manufacturer, now owned by Google, could also be readying a smartphone specifically for emerging markets. Codenamed the DVX, there is little information available about the device itself at this point. The little information revealed so far suggests an entry-level smartphone aimed at markets that are still dominated by feature phones because smartphones, despite ever dropping prices, are still too expensive for most.

Much as other manufacturers have realized, Motorola knows that there is a vast untapped market for cheap smartphones. Google still makes the majority of its revenues through its web advertising and opening up the Internet to a new audience would allow it to continue to grow them even as they settle in more mature markets.

Combine that with Google’s initiatives such as its Loon balloon X project to bring the Internet to new markets and an overall strategy begins to emerge: Make the Internet available everywhere and have everyone use an Android or Chrome device to access it.

The report adds that the Motorola DVX could launch by the end of the year.

Source : PhoneArena