Motorola X Phone

Another Motorola X Phone Picture Surfaces

Rumoured Motorola X Phone

After yesterday’s teaser giving us a glimpse of the Motorola X Phone in a proposed marketing campaign, another image has surfaced today that shows the smartphone in full glory. It is identified by PhoneArena‘s source as the Motorola XT1056 and is currently undergoing testing on Sprint’s LTE network. Rumours to date suggest that the Motorola X Phone will be powered […]

Motorola X Phone Spotted in Advertising Campaign?

Motorola X Phone ad proposal

Motorola has already confirmed that the X Phone is coming later this year. It is likely that a major branding campaign for the new smartphone will launch alongside, especially as Motorola has been out of the limelight for some time now. One designer, Blak Bakken of bäkkenDesign, has posted some exploratory work of what this campaign could look like on […]

Rumour: Motorola X Phone launch date and pricing revealed

On the heels of rumours that the mysterious Motorola X Phone would be announced at Google I/O, new details have emerged about availability and pricing. Many of these align with those of the previous report including that it will be a multi-carrier device and that it will not be a Nexus device. The Motorola X is set to go on […]

Rumour: Motorola X Phone to be unveiled at Google I/O

Rumours about the Motorola X Phone have resurfaced. We first heard about this mysterious device last December. There was little information but there was the promise of a “sophisticated” smartphone (whatever that means) and a focus on improving the camera and photo software as well as new materials and shapes. New rumours now suggest that the Motorola X Phone could […]

Motorola developing ‘X Phone’ to take on Apple and Samsung?

Motorola Mobility

It has been relatively quiet on the Motorola front for a while. Having been acquired by Google earlier this year, it’s been unclear how the manufacturer would move forward under the umbrella of its new owners. A report by The Wall Street Journal now suggests that Motorola has some very exciting surprises in store for us for 2013. The report […]