Motorola still planning to offer wood backplates for Moto X

Rumoured wooden back plates for Moto XIt has been quiet on the wood backplates for the Moto X front for a while now. A rumour at the end of August suggested that Motorola would launch the four new backplate options at the same time that it offered a price cut on the smartphone. The price cut has taken place (U.S. carriers now offer it for as low as US$99 on contract) but the wooden backplates have yet to surface. Asked whether they had been cancelled, @evleaks responded that they had not.

His response included a screenshot of Motomaker showing the four wooden plate options: Teak, Ebony, Rosewood and Bamboo:

Motomaker wood backplate options for Moto X

The screenshot also appears to reconfirm that the wood backplates will sell for a US$50 premium over the regular ones.

There’s still no word on when Motorola will launch the new plates but with the fourth quarter well underway, it could be any time now.

Source : @evleaks