Samsung Foldiplay concepts show the promise of flexible displays

Samsung Foldiplay logoWhile both the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex feature flexible displays, they are encased in a frame that is not. As a result, both devices are more like teasers for the potential of such displays than full-on ambassadors of the new technology. The promise of this technology is better illustrated by some new Samsung concept devices. Obtained by Austrian website, they show off what might be possible a few years down the line.

Here is what a future smartphone could look like:

Samsung Foldiplay smartphone concept

The Samsung Foldiplay concept takes flexible displays to a new level. Essentially, it can be folded into something as small as a 70 by 70 millimeter square. Unfold it and you can have a tri-pane smartphone as above or something as large as nine panels as in the case of the e-newspaper below. At only 2 millimeters thick, even folded up several times, it remains thinner than most of our devices today.

Samsung Foldiplay e-newspaper concept

Fully unfolded, it measures 210 by 210 millimeters. Folded back up to a single square, it’s small enough to fit into a wallet.

Samsung Foldiplay concept

Another advantage of this concept is that you can unfold it to take on different shapes, each suited for a particular function. Other concepts show the technology being used on larger tools such as  a desk with a bendable surface.

While the concept is intriguing, Samsung is going to have to figure out how to not only slim down a few other components (such as the battery) but also get them to fold the same way as its Foldiplay display. It might be more than a few years before we’re all able to fold up our phones into our wallets (and will we still need wallets in that future?).

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