Mysterious ASUS PadFone X gets benchmarked by AnTuTu

While ASUS may have had a slow start with its PadFone line of devices, the hybrid device that lets you convert a smartphone into a tablet looks like it is finally beginning to find a nice for itself in the market. Following the announcement of the ASUS PadFone Mini last week, a new model has surfaced on the AnTuTu benchmarking database. Called the ASUS PadFone X, it could well be the successor to the PadFone 2 which is now over a year old (‘ancient’ in smartphone terms).

AnTuTu benchmark for ASUS PadFone X

AnTuTu lists specifications mostly worthy of a current flagship device. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor (MSM8974AB) and Android 4.4 KitKat, the PadFone X will also come with a Full HD (1080×1920) display of unknown size, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage. If the AnTuTu information is correct, it may lack a front-facing camera and only include a 5MP camera on the back. It is more likely though that these specifications are a placeholder for now with better ones to come by announcement time.

While the PadFone Mini and is CA$430 price point (with tablet dock included) is clearly aimed at offering an entry-level version of this unique form factor, the PadFone X’s specifications suggest a much higher price. As for where it’s headed and when it will be announced, there are no details yet. With 2013 wrapping up quickly, we will likely not see the PadFone X or PadFone 3 until sometime year next year though.

Sources : AnTuTu // PhoneArena