Nokia EOS to launch as Lumia 909 instead of Lumia 1020?

Nokia PureView 41MP camera sensorIt now appears that the Nokia EOS, Nokia’s first Windows Phone device to sport a 41MP PureView camera sensor will not launch as the Lumia 1020 as reported last week. New information from @evleaks suggests that it will instead launch as the Nokia 909 (or Nokia Lumia 909?).

The 909 model number may be an indirect reference to the first PureView device, the Symbian-powered Nokia 808 PureView.

While the tweet lists the name as the Nokia 909, it’s unlikely to drop the Lumia brand name that it has developed for its Windows Phone devices.

All should be settled on July 11th when Nokia holds its “Zoom. Reinvented” event in New York City.

Source : @evleaks