Samsung Cronus to be Windows Phone 8 smartphone?

Samsung Mobile CareSamsung appears to have accidentally revealed the existence of an upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphone through a Windows Phone app called Mobile Care. Designed to collect log and minidump files for Samsung Windows Phone devices, the app is only compatible with a few devices: The ATIV Odyssey and ATIV S running GDR2 and the Cronus which shows as “developing.”

Little is known about the Samsung Cronus at this point. It is likely to come with GDR2 given the description. With Windows Phone 8 expected to soon support both quad-core processors and FHD (1080×1920) displays, it is possible that Samsung will refresh its ATIV lineup with a device sporting both.

It’s not the first time that we hear about the Samsung Cronus. It first turned up on Reddit back in May where a poster revealed a Windows Phone 8 roadmap for the next few months. Among the devices listed was the “Cronus LTE” along with others such as the Ascend WQ 5, HTC Tiara (in LTE and HSPA variants) and the Nokia Catwalk (announced as the Nokia Lumia 925) and EOS (expected as the Lumia 1020).

The Samsung Cronus could be unveiled at IFA 2013 alongside the Galaxy Note III in September, much as Samsung last year unveiled its ATIV lineup with the Galaxy Note II.

It remains to be seen if Samsung will give the Cronus a bit more love and marketing attention than it has given its ATIV lineup so far.

Sources : Samsung Mobile Care // Reddit