Nokia takes on iPhone in latest Lumia 925 ad

Nokia Lumia 925Samsung is well known for its smartphone ads that take clear aim at Apple. While its ad series poking fun at Apple fans waiting in lineups probably remains its best known example, even more recent ads continue to take aim at the iPhone. But it is not the only one. One of Nokia’s latest ads takes on the iPhone 5’s camera. As Nokia says, “we believe that every day, better photos are taken with the Nokia Lumia than any other cameraphone.”

The video compares pictures taken with the Nokia Lumia 925 with and without flash. Needless to say, they come out far better. It also shows off features such as motion blur and action shots, adding that Nokia prefers to “build for quality, not just quantity.”

It certainly does a better job of showing what the Lumia 925 can do compared to its zombie ad. Whether it’s enough to sway people over to Nokia remains to be seen.

For its part, Apple continues to ignore the ongoing bashing. Its latest ad once again focuses on a feature of the iPhone, this time on FaceTime. It goes on to claim that “more people connect face-to-face on the iPhone than on any other phone.”

Do you prefer the ads that take on a competing product or those that simply focus on a company’s own products while ignoring its competition? Let us know below.