Nokia working on Zoom tablets and larger-screened Lumia smartphones?


Let’s wrap up the week with a very interesting rumour. According to an anonymous leak, Nokia has apparently got a new line of tablets coming under the brand name Zoom along with some new Lumia smartphones with larger displays.

Two Zoom models are in the works: A 10.5-inch one (about 8.5 millimeters thick) and a 8.5-inch one. Both will be made of aluminium and come in a wide range of colours: Green, black, pink, blue, yellow and white. Most interesting in the suggestion that Nokia is looking to give both “good cameras” as it has done with its smartphones. These would presumably run Windows 8.

It also looks like Nokia is planning a number of smartphones with larger displays. The report lists the following:

  • Lumia 525: 4.5-inch
  • Lumia 625: 4.6-inch
  • Lumia 725: 5-inch
  • Lumia 825: 5.2-inch
  • Lumia 926: 5.5-inch

With Windows Phone 8 expected to gain support for FHD (1080×1920) with the next update, the larger displays certainly make sense.

Lastly, Nokia is also planning a phablet with a display in the 6- to 7-inch range for mid-2014.

The anonymous source told MyNokiaBlog that “This information is not a fairy tale… You’ll hear more soon from Nokia.” Despite this assurance, take this with a very healthy pinch of salt but it’s an exciting lineup that could see Windows Phone finally take on its competitors in the larger display smartphone space.

Source : MyNokiaBlog