Pictures of cancelled Nokia Windows RT tablet surface

Rumoured Nokia Windows RT tablet

While Nokia may be planning to launch a line of Zoom tablets, at least one model has already been cancelled. According to The Verge sources, a Window RT 10-inch tablet has been cut in favour of a full Windows 8 version. The cancelled device still managed to get pictured on Korea’s Naver Café forums. The original poster claims to have received the tablet as a gift from a Nokia employee.

Other details revealed include that the Nokia tablet, bearing model number “NVIDIA P1001” was to have come with a 1.3GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 2GB of RAM, HDMI and USB ports, a SIM slot for optional LTE connectivity, and the aforementioned 10-inch display with a 16-point touchscreen. It also appears to have come with a magnetic connector similar to the one on the Microsoft Surface tablet and Apple’s own MagSafe.

Rumoured Nokia Windows RT tablet

As for Nokia’s Zoom tablets, two Windows 8 models are reportedly planned, a 10-inch model and a 8-inch one. Both will be made of aluminium  and come with better cameras than normally found on tablets. There is no word yet on when these could launch though.

Source : The Verge