Polaroid releases a new Android photo app, Polamatic


Just when you thought there were not enough photo filter apps, a new one springs up – this time Polaroid introduces their new Android app called Polamatic, for US$1.99. There is really nothing new here, almost like a mini-Instagram.

If you are old enough to have used a Polaroid camera then you will recognize the included borders as they look like they were from an old Polaroid print. You first capture a new picture or import a current photo to begin your manipulation – there are 36 Polaroid frames and 20 photo filters included to work with and after that you can add a caption and finally share your Polaroid creation with others.

Go to the GOOGLE PLAY STORE to download the app and try it out. You can also read more about Polamatic to help you make a decision about parting with US$1.99. Let us know in the comments if you use the app and what you think about it and whether it is worth the money.

Source : Play Google