Samsung delays Tizen phone by two months

Tizen Phone

Two Samsung Tizen-powered smartphones, the GT-I8800 and GT-I8805, have been the topic of recent rumours and were expected to be released sometime in August. It now looks as though Samsung is delaying their release by two months, pushing the release date to October or possibly November. The reason – Samsung wants to make sure there will be plenty of apps available when the phones are released.

It’s a smart move on Samsung’s part – rather than release a phone and have consumers wait for the apps to finally arrive, they want to make sure the apps are there to support the release of an entirely new OS. Firefox OS (FOS) was just released so it will also give a little distance between the two releases.

The Tizen OS is based entirely on HTML5, while the GT-I8805 itself is rumored to have a Samsung made Exynos quad-core processor (same one as in the Galaxy S3) and a 720p display. The GT-I8800 model is expected to be a high-end phone, but no specifications have been released.

Let us know if you are ready for a new OS and if the Firefox or Tizen systems will be your choice when you purchase your next phone.

Source : Tech Kiddy