Porsche Design BlackBerry 10 smartphone coming?

Rumoured Porsche Design Z10 smartphoneThe collaboration between BlackBerry and Porsche Design looks set to move into the BlackBerry 10 age. The two companies last collaborated on the Porsche Design P’9981, a premium smartphone that took the insides of a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and wrapped them in a forged stainless steel frame with a hand-wrapped leather back cover and a sculpted QWERTY keyboard. Now the two companies look set to introduce at least one more Porsche Design smartphone and perhaps even two.

New pictures obtained by Vietnamese website Tinhte.vn show what appears to be a battery cover made of a leather-wrapped carbon fiber material. Those certainly qualify as Porsche Design worthy materials. The angular shape is also reminiscent of the P’9981.

Rumoured Porsche Design Z10 smartphone

Additional information and pictures obtained by another Vietnamese website, BlackBerry Vietnam, appear to show a device that looks like a BlackBerry Z10.

Rumoured Porsche Design Z10 smartphone

BlackBerry Vietnam adds that a Porsche Design variant of the BlackBerry Q10 could also be in the cards.

It is also possible that this could be a BlackBerry design and not a Porsche Design one. Another possibility, first raised by CrackBerry, is that this could be a “Mercedes Design” smartphone given that BlackBerry now sponsors the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team.

There is no word on availability but it could be later this year. Pricing is also an unknown but you can be sure of one thing: If this is the next Porsche Design smartphone, you better start saving your pennies now.

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